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Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP) Artists Impression

The Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP) is the largest Offshore Wind Park in Europe and is the UK’s jewel in the crown for Offshore Wind development. 

The sheer scale of the Able Marine Energy Park port facility cannot be matched anywhere:

  • At 367 ha, the Offshore Wind Park is more than 60 % larger than Europe’s next biggest facility at Bremerhaven, Germany (200 ha)

  • The Able Marine Energy Park is the closest of all the Humber’s strategic development sites to the North Sea Round 3 sites and it is the only site that is capable of supporting a genuine single site fully integrated wind super cluster.

The AMEP will provide 1,389 of quay purpose to a depth of 18.1 metres at MHWS and is designed to support the demands and specific requirements of the emerging renewables sector.

The AMEP Enterprise Zone provides:

The Able Marine Energy Park is the largest Enterprise Zone in the UK, and bigger than all the other Enterprise Zones in the Humber put together.

  • 25 ha Business Rates Relief for a 5 year period. Discounted business rates are available up to De Minimis levels – potentially up to 400,000 Euros over 5 years.

  • 225.9 ha Enhanced Capital Allowances. AMEP EZ provides enhanced first year allowances on plant and machinery. Depending on the size of the investment, up to £50m is available.

Able Marine Energy Park is the No.1 location for offshore wind investment delivering:

  • Total Quay Length: 1,279m
  • Quay width: 28m
  • Concrete Quay capacity: 20T/m2 UDL with patch loads up to 50T/m2
  • Quays will provide -11m CD
  • Quay is designed to be dredged to -17m CD
  • Berthing pocket 60m wide
  • Quayside designed to allow vessels to jack-up adjacent to the quays (90T/m2)
  • Staging Area: 45 hectares.