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South Humber Gateway Image

The Humber region is driving forward the development of the Humber renewable energy sector providing some of the best investment opportunities for businesses wanting to invest in the UK.

The offshore wind sector has already identified the South Humber Gateway in the Humber region as a premier site for renewables development and investment opportunity for the renewables sector, and the largest of its kind in Europe.

With the:

  • Last undeveloped deep water estuary in the UK (4miles)
  • 12 hours steaming time to Europe – 40 million people / 4 hour drive
  • Biggest Combined Heat & Power Plant in Europe
  • Largest East Coast RO-RO facility – Humber Sea Terminal / C-Ro
  • Europe’s largest Renewables and Logistics Parks
  • Largest Enterprise zone in the UK
  • Centre of £6 billion Humber chemical industry, 2nd largest in the UK
  • Energy capital – National Grid 6% UK supply

It is the only site in the UK with truly integrated logistics and the necessary land capable of accommodating the bespoke needs of multiple global offshore wind developers, as well as associated operations and maintenance, and supply chain businesses.

Two key factors:

The most exciting aspect of the South Humber Gateway is its potential to become a world leader in renewable energy creating the South Humber Gateway and the Humber Region as the Renewables capital.

  • One of the greatest advantages of the South Humber Gateway is its proximity to the 3 largest Offshore Round 3 Wind turbine zones.

  • The creation of a wind turbine super-cluster on the South Humber Gateway will provide the lowest costs for delivering wind turbines to these zones in the North Sea, in the numbers required.

This supercluster and associated proposals will bring about the renaissance of British engineering in North Lincolnshire.

ABLE Humber Port

Another great reason to invest in the Humber is the largest developments in the UK to date.

The South Humber Gateway is home to the Able Humber Port. The two main zones are, which combined is the largest development in the UK:

  • Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP) - Europe’s largest offshore wind park (320 ha) & the UK’s largest Enterprise Zone - eligibility for 100% capital tax allowances on plant and machinery for incoming companies, in addition to business rates relief

  • Able Logistics Park (ALP) - Planning consent granted for 5,300 jobs (454 ha; 1,121acres) UK’s largest port & logistics site, including Business Park, hotel, transport depot’s, storage, chilled & frozen logistics and manufacturing.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

The Government’s £100 billion Round 3 Offshore Wind Programme and the Able Marine Energy Park proposal provide a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to transform the economy of North Lincolnshire and provide a world class engineering industry on which the area’s long-term prosperity can be based.

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