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Lincolnshire Lakes is one of the North of England’s most significant and exciting mixed use investment and development opportunities.

The Lincolnshire Lakes development is a £1.2bn transformational project which aims to deliver a high quality residential, business and recreation environment centered around a unique and breath-taking network of vast lakes, natural water bodies and meandering channels.

The Lincolnshire Lakes project will provide what is estimated to be an additional workforce of 10,000 people with a desirable place to live, spend their free time and raise their family. The homes will be delivered through a series of six new village settlements which will each have local education, health, retail and community facilities providing  the sought after sense of village life.

Work on the project is already underway with a £13m flood defence scheme and design of a £5m recreational lake already well underway.

Business investment

In addition to the sustainable housing development on the Lincolnshire Lakes development is to be a 100,000 square metre business park located on a new motorway junction off the M181 which will provide a new workplace offer for businesses looking to locate in a convenient, accessible and flagship location.

We have been working with experts in the field to secure a robust planning policy for the Lincolnshire Lakes project and very much look forward to seeing the plans come to fruition. The Project will also help to encourage further inward investment to the area bringing opportunities for business and residential alike.

Investment opportunities

This exciting development provides investment opportunities for:

  • Exceptionally designed, sustainable homes
  • Business and office space
  • Health & social care; primary care, health centres, doctors/GP surgeries and tertiary care
  • Education, nursery / pre-school, primary, secondary, further and higher education & adult training
  • Leisure and recreation, watersports, parks, allotments, open space, play areas, sports centres and associated facilities;
  • Local retail provision

Lincolnshire Lakes Site Area   

The Lincolnshire Lakes site is 2,063ha and is located on land situated between the villages on the banks of the river Trent and the Scunthorpe Urban Area, intersected by the M181.

Planning Status of the Lincolnshire Lakes development

The Lincolnshire Lakes development was agreed as a broad strategic location in North Lincolnshire’s adopted Local Development Framework Core Strategy. The Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan has been produced which establishes a masterplan for the area. This was approved by the national planning inspector in May 2016.

For more information on Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan - See:  Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan