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There could not be a better time for investment opportunities and invest in the UK.

With the Hull and Humber region set to become the Renewables capital, with some of the largest development areas and coupled with the largest of the Enterprise zones on the South Bank of the Humber Estuary, North Lincolnshire is the place to invest and do business.

Significant business developments and inward investment is already being made in North Lincolnshire by a number of large scale investments by companies moving to the area as well as existing businesses expanding their operations.

North Lincolnshire also has major large scale developments already on the go, and many more already planned and at consultation stage giving even more reasons to invest in the Humber region.

Development opportunities

Looking for land to develop a business location? - For a full list of all development opportunities, commercial and housing land available to be developed and all North Lincolnshire's commercial properties please refer to our Land & property pages

Investment opportunities

Below is a summary of the main developments and inward investment opportunities available on the South Bank of the Humber region.

  • The South Humber Gateway (SHG) – With the development of land on the South Humber Gateway which is attracting private and public sector investment worth over £3billion. It is home to the ABLE Humber Ports developments. There are inward investment opportunities in many key business sectors including logistics and renewables

  • Lincolnshire Lakes - an ambitious regeneration project that is full of investment opportunities, that will include the development of a number of large lakes, 6000 quality new housing, state-of-the-art office accommodation, and leisure and sporting facilities and business park

  • Retail and town centre investment - North Lincolnshire Council is looking to work with serious developers and investors to create a natural town centre retail extension in Scunthorpe

  • Humberside International Airport - With major contracts and companies within Humberside airport bringing a wide range of investment opportunities, we are looking to develop in the Airport related sectors, including Training facilities, Hotel, Freight forwarding, Transport and logistics

  • Supply chains - With major developments happening there is huge scope for supply chain inward investment. This is within main differing sectors including Retail, Tourism, manufacturing engineering, Education. For further information on the inward investment opportunities in supply chains contact us.

How we can help

If you are looking to relocate and invest in North Lincolnshire we can offer assistance to help you and your business make the right choice.

We can arrange site visits and tours of the area you are interested in and are more then happy to meet you for a face to face personal meeting.

We can also offer you our FREE Location service to help you through the process of Starting, relocating or expanding your business, through our Location service.

Pre-planning application - We can also offer a free consultation with one of our planning officers if you have a building, development or just a change of use in mind. Please contact us for further information or to book a free consultation with one of our planning officers.

Contact us

 If you want more information on all Inward investment, direct foreign investment or any other business and investment or development opportunities in North Lincolnshire please contact us.

For all enquiries please contact the North Lincolnshire Council’s Business team:

Face to Face meetings - We are more than happy to meet you please ring to arrange a visit.